Hindi Literature




Language is at the core of Human Consciousness and knowledge. It is all pervasive from the day to day living to academics, from passive recipient of information and entertainment to the active professional lives in offices, universities, colleges, school to media. The studies in languages over a period became more and more tilted towards literary works and the communicative aspects were relegated to the background.


In recent times we have seen a growing apathy towards language studies among the college going students. The present course tries to highlight the communicative aspect of language as even after almost two decades of large scale recruitment of translators and Hindi officers, greater job opportunities in Newspapers and Television channels, the quality of language use has not improved.


New policies of education are emphasizing the vocationalization of higher education. 


Dept. of Hindi is full of dedicated, talented and award-winning faculty whose mission is to cultivate awareness of and sensitivity to the ideas and human values characterizing human discourse, thought, experience and achievement. Studying the Indian Languages& schools of philosophy turn the students into analytically sound, critical and discriminating thinkers, who are aware of the cultural, political,  issues shaping our world. Presently the school has 2 languages, offersa deepen the sources of wisdom by learning how others have dealt with failures,success, adversities, and triumphs. It has technology-enhanced curriculum that encourages open-minded and informed consideration of the human tradition and the many beliefs, histories, and words of our collective cultural heritage by giving support and strengthen the local arts /folk literature of Chhattisgarh for the the transmission of knowledge.




This postgraduate course coversseveral areas with the following objectives in mind:


(i) to impart essential knowledge of literary forms, movements and trends in contemporary theory andinterdisciplinary extensions;


(ii) to train the students touse their expertise for careers in journalism, translation, interpretation,advertising and corporate communication, performative art such as news readingand theatre, Radio, television and film writing and production, publishing, aswell as academic careers in Hindi language teaching, Comparative Literature andCultural Studies;


(iii) to equip them for higherspecialization in the above areas;


(iv) to facilitate careers increative and professional writing;


(v) to equip them for researchin interdisciplinary areas such as mass communication, language, culturalstudies, comparative literature and other fields;


(vi) to sensitize them towardscontemporary issues.